PhDr. Martin Dlabal, Ph.D.

Psychological consultancy Psychotherapy Hypnotherapy

Psychological consultancy and psychotherapy

I offer psychological counseling, including both individual and relationship psychotherapy, as well as support in dealing with challenging situations, the treatment of psychosomatic and mental illnesses, as well as general personal development.

Services offered

  • Support in coping with difficult situations
  • Psychotherapy for psychosomatic diseases such as anxiety disorders and depressive mood changes
  • Controlling undesirable conditions such as insomnia, eating disorders and pain
  • Treatment for addictions
  • Relationship and family therapy

About me

I am a fully certified Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist with significant experience in medical health care. I am qualified to carry out Diagnostics and Psychotherapy, including for clients where problems may also affect their health condition. I am registered in the official Directory of Hypnotherapists, certified by the Hypnosis Section of the Czech Society of Psychotherapy.


2002 – 2008

Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague Doctoral Studies: Psychology

1995 – 2000

Faculty of Arts, Palacky University, Olomouc Master's Degree: Psychology

1992 – 1995

Faculty of Arts, University of Windsor, Canada, Undergraduate study in Psychology

Post-graduate education and training


Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education, Prague, attestation in the field of clinical psychotherapy

2007 - 2010

Education and Training Institute Hermes, Prague training in Strategic Psychotherapy


Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education, Prague, attestation in Clinical Psychology

Price list

Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy (EN):

session (ca. 55 min) - 1200 CZK

Coaching (EN):

session (ca. 55 min) - 2000 CZK

Please book in advance for an initial appointment.